Saturday, December 21, 2002


To Whom It May Concern:

I hereby attest that Number 40 is truly and spectacularly Never Enough...listen to it in its entirety, and you'll witness the delicious sensation of Euphoria. It leaves me completely Blindsided, thinking to myself: I Don't Know, but I think I'm In Love With The DJ. Naturally, I Scream, grab my Bucci Bag, and mash out the door in a state of electro-shock. As Days Go By, you continue to amaze me with your unmatched talent and Shining personality. Free Your Mind and Put Your Hands Up, ladies and gentlemen, for A Star Is Born. You Promised Me you would always prevail, and Yes Mamela Pamela, the one and only DJ Ronnie Bruno is back in full frenzy. I Love I Love you!

Miss Chic
Chief Secretary and Record Scout
Nocturnal Music, Inc.

To fans and future fans alike,
I do not know when exactly it happened, all I know is that it was the setting I had been longing for set against a backdrop of cool comfortable colors laced with even cooler, more comfortable sounds. I found myself amongst a cast of characters that had been flung strategically about the room by the same man whom now was taking absolute pleasure in pulling their strings, tempting the will, appeasing the fundamental while empowering the essential, and astonishingly armed only with music. I watched spellbound as he manipulated the senses so that the limbs submissively gave chase to flawless notes reverberating off each, and every adjacent plane. Leaving one’s imagination to waft aimlessly on the surface of a most surreal composition, with every ripple a calculated stroke being set in motion to enrich the experience and reinforce the authentic.
DJ Ronnie Bruno is the man of whom I speak, although I imagine any whom have had the pleasure of being witness to one of his melodic and most enlightening exhibitions came to know his identity long before it was ever disclosed. He is Prince of a nocturnal kingdom, a provider of a miraculously moving sort of rhythm, tempo that is to be followed when the darkness renders useless one’s precious sight. Yes, it is true to say he reigns uncontested, an absolute for times to come, and it is on account of this sovereignty that I implicitly confess too being a willing artiste atop his stage, a welcome destination for his symphony of sounds. I profess with the most sincere of hearts that I would wish it no other way.
I love you DJ Ronnie Bruno, Ronnie Bruno, Ronnie for the allure that you fashion and the happiness you bestow.
You are as gifted as you are rare and truly a source of inspired adoration to be kept sacred deep inside.
Trevor Calligan
“A Simple Admirer”

now you know i have to get all poignant and stuff:

I cherish our youth and those days i walked down to the technocolor hut and we were what?...high school kids w/ a bunch of dreams and the world had no clue who we were. Ronnie Bruno and Mary XTC. you mixed on two pioneer belt drive players; the records we bought when we snuck off to dallas. i met you and robert...and my life since then has been a "vacation"! that is right ronnie bruno, you have, and always will be, a constant in my life.
Mary K. Kehoe
Audio Concepts


TRUST DJ Ronnie Bruno by Craig Parker APRIL 2002/July 2003

It's not as if it doesn't come without its own warning label. Just push play and your cautiously invited to experience a piece of the DJ Ronnie Bruno phenomenon: "Trust me, It's paradise…This is the pussy your mother warned you about!"
I think it can best be described as some sort of a music locomotive when the first 2 songs penetrate through your own reality of driving your car while you listen, or maybe even blasting your stereo while you shower. As if by his command; "Get up on this!".
Beware, because before you realize what he's done with your mind you're already on cut #3; "Zombie Nation"… then its already a full blown circuit party (for the lack of a better word)! Just like any good leader though…Brother Bruno follows up a few musical commands with the inspirational sermon; "You're free…Do what you wanna do!" accompanied by Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach". If I had one question to ask a higher power I'd surely ask; "How in the fucking hell does R.B. take something so tired and make it so desirable again?". Hallelujah!
Now he's got you at fever pitch (keep your eye on the road if you dare drive while listening). Without a single second to spare, he leads you into illegal white label territory with vocals from THE DIVA from the eighties. Infinite loops of "who am I?". If you guess who she is before he switches the song…you'll win a whole new set of goose bumps. If Annie Lennox is still "Looking For Something", she'll definitely find it in the vicinity of Ronnie.
Racing through the experience he continues his trademark "all-over-the-map" style with a few Miami flavored tracks. It's been called MUSIC FOR BOYS, but as demonstrated right here, its actually music for boys who like girls who like boys who like boys. Jay, Jane, and those who do both.
As directly quoted from Dallas radio's Saturday Night Edge Club's DJ Meritt, "DJ Ronnie Bruno is a phenomenon". Sold! You're already making new plans for Friday and Sunday night to hear it live (a common thought you'll get on all of his discs).
This is the point of no return, moans and all... he stimulates. Hitting even the hardest to find "G" spot playing the classic "Nasty Girl" with its bossy lyrics; "I need 10 inches or more". Is Ronnie looping that part? Maybe he is, maybe he isn't…but you know he knows he's speaking for all of us!
Rozalla understands the power of the DJ! Alice Deejay to be exact. I heard that this bootleg version of "Everybody Is Free" first came about and was remixed specifically for this project….WOW! Kudos!, it is used well for a seamless, effortless slowing of the simulated engine. Pausing for one reason only, you better inhale some oxygen, you're gonna need it as the pace builds again.
Continuing into a darker area with the most ghostly, wicked lyrics Pink Floyd has ever recorded: "there's someone in my head, but its not me". With impeccable timing lyrically, Ronnie sets us up to meet his best friend/partner/whatever, Kristopher X. "Let's Go All The Way" is Kris' song. Don't think our spin doctor completely turns over the reigns here though…This local remix is a home-grown monster that won't loosen its grip till Ronnie gets back with another 12" or more. The only way to follow up a Kris X production that amuses the senses would be with one that confuses the senses. STILL penetrating my already paranoid mind days after I first listened to it, anyone would be forced to look at thine ownself and question; "maybe it's the music, maybe its the…" If these same schizophrenic selections were played live in a club, we'd all be hearing voices. More diva vocals are included to make good use of all the digital space available on this disc., "go ahead and stick it in!", Gloria Estefan insists. Amanda Ghost haunts you with her "Filthy Mind", but you're truly spellbound when Bryan Adams is resurrected by Chicane's "Don't Give Up". Ronnie hits his full stride right about here,communicating to his loyal fans through lyrics as usual; "no more secrets, "no words, no talk". You are completely submerged into his "dream" when without warning he interrupts with one of his sassy punchlines "next!"
I mean…the whole fucking CD drives, rides, speaks and peaks!
There's only one way in though…just push play. Like real magic can't be revealed…a DJ Ronnie Bruno set can't be accurately described second-handedly. You must go there yourself. An endowment of 20 songs worthy of all bragging rights! Size matters on a joyride this good. You'll hear why I use "locomotive" as a reference. To get through that many tracks, you better have a lot of steam. TRUST me, Ronnie does!

From BaseSoc99
on Sunday December 31, 2000 at 01:37 PM:
Best night club in Dallas, if you are ready to dance then this is the place to be, Ron Bruno rocks the place! Just when you think you are going to take a break, he drags you back to the floor w/the hottest dance songs around! No t-shirts and ball caps guys, this is a place to impress but no attitude, thats why I love it! Diverse and friendly crowd always makes it fun!