Tuesday, December 31, 2002

end of an era

The Closing Of Club One
February 28, 2004

After 14 years I guess it was time to lay her to rest. Friday was closed by DJ Red Eye. Earlier that evening an onslaught of 9 or 10 former ONE DJ alumni had "one" last go at the turntables. Saturday, I had the pleasure of helping supply the soundtrack to ONE'S final curtain call. Also on hand were former club one DJ's, Ric Herrington, Frank Meador & veteran clubber and Dallas DJ Patrick Phillips & others. All spinning great sets. The huge turnout wasn't a surprise since ONE had been a permanent fixture on the Dallas scene for so long. Many people from the past came out to bid farwell to their old stomping ground & share stories of ONE'S "glory days." Rozalla's Everybody's Free brought it to a final end at 6.45 am. I figured we might as well end on the same note we started back in 1990. "One" hell of a long party... and what a party it was...As light and party diva Kerry Dawn would say, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened..."
I won't soon forget the echoes of many new clubbers on their first visit to One ...Party in the restroom! ;-) ...Ronnie Bruno